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  74 North Yonge Street, Ormond Beach, Florida 32174

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74 North Yonge Street, Ormond Beach, Florida 32174

+1 386-672-5455

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Robert Redmond
Apr, 07 2020
I brought my car in and told them all the lights in the instrument panel were lighting up intermittently. I got an oil change and was told they would check my breaks, tranny fluid etc.. a full inspection. I called at the end of the day and it turns out the mechanic only did the oil change. He said too many codes came up and tracking down the problem would be expensive and this older car wasn't worth the cost. I have no issue with that but he didn't tell me anything I didn't tell them when I brought it in. He never looked at the brakes or anything else other than changing the oil because he "wasn't told to look". So besides the $35 oil change I was charged an additional $55 to tell me what I told them when I brought it in. As far as I know the guy hooked up the machine and got a bunch of codes and gave up on it right away without doing anything other than the oil change. All the codes he got were the same codes I had gotten from Advanced Auto Parts 2 days before. I was charged the $55 for nothing in my opinion and paid $90 for an oil change. This place had good reviews and I had hoped they were better than the average mechanic shop but I was hugely disappointed.
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Mischelle Romesberg
Sep, 18 2019
Recently I had my 2009 Land Rover's roof sun damage repaired by getting it repainted. After getting the car back, water would leak through the drivers side carpet every time it rained. The body shop had it 2 times for about 3 days each and could not figure out where the water was coming from. I decided to bring it to Silver Star because they have been doing an excellent job doing my Land Rover's maintenance. They found the issue in less than 10 minutes. Super professional - great to work with.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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